"I’m buying weed right now… can I call you back?"- Big Pink to her boyfriend Sleepy Bear

"That’s why I sucked real soft."- Propeller

"I’m on my last thumb MOTHAFUCKA!"- Red, while chipping off nail polish over my clean carpet. :)

"I swear to Jesus! or God. Or whatever…"-Big Pink

"She is SO tight, SO tight."- my roommate, whom I will call Justice, saying something that Red and I misinterpreted

"I’m licking santa’s fat leg… I’m licking santa’s fat leg and looking at you."- Special K

"You’re a drunkorexic."- Big Pink to Special K

"It’s a shit minefield!"- A friend I will call Jax

"Epiphany! That’s why zombies walk like that… so their thighs don’t touch!"- Sista Squirrel

"Sucka punch!"- Toke’s new catch phrase